Ebony Cullen

Ebony Cullen
Level 5 Women's Gymnastics, Level 3a Acrobatics, beginner coaching accreditation
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Acro Coach
I have been doing gymnastics for 11 years.
I moved from the northern beaches in 2012 and joined Kimnastix.  I have progressed and competed from level 1 through to level 5 in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.  So I have a sound knowledge of the Gymnastics Australian levels system from 1-5.
I am now involved in the first Acrobatics team to come out of Kimnastix.  I will compete in level 3a.
I am also a part of the team gym class at Kimnastix and along with the NSW combined Club World Gymaestrada Team we will be travelling to Austria in 2019 to represent Australia in this amazing event.  I am very proud of all I have achieved at Kimnastix and the opportunities I have for the future.
Since I started gymnastics I have always wanted to be a coach.  I have now completed my beginner coaching accreditation and I can’t wait to continue my gymnastics journey with all the the children of the Kimnastix rainbow.