For All The Children Of The Rainbow

Kimnastix is a Gymnastics Australia Affiliated and endorsed club with accredited
teachers and Insurance with Allianz.

Kimnastix has always prided itself on giving every child an opportunity to learn and
shine and we will continue with this philosophy throughout 2020 and beyond.

‘We are For All of The Children of The Rainbow’

We have seen a huge growth across all programs with Acro (ACR), Team Gym (TG)
and Free G / Parkour all being taken on to the competitive circuit along with our
Women’s (WG) and Men’s (MG) National Levels Program.

Mind, Body, Soul
For All The Children Of The Rainbow

  • Testimonial

    What a Wonderful Centre

    Geoff, Parent

    I heard about Kimnastix through a friend of mine who's daughter had been attending for over a year. I thought I would register Jane to see how she enjoyed it. Well, that was 2 years ago and she is going from strength to strength! I cannot say enough how wonderful the crew at Kimnastix are and how they pay special attention to each and every child. Thanks guys!

  • Testimonial

    My Boys Are Loving Kimnastix!

    Sam, Parent

    Thanks Kim and the team for the wonderful work you do with Ben and Toby. I am watching their confidence improve as the weeks go by, as well as their strength and fitness. They look forward to coming to class every week and always go home happy and tired.

  • Testimonial

    Fun, Fun, Fun

    Heather, Mum

    Corey has been attending Kimnastix for over a year and is loving his classes. He has made new friends and looks forward to each week of gym. He had his last birthday party with Kim and he said it was one of the best parties he has had yet, so much fun!

Get in Touch

If you have any questions regarding our classes, facilities or times, or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to give contact us. We look forward from hearing from you and, if you are new to Kimnastix, to welcoming you to our family