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Hunter Championships

Hunter Championships

I could not be more proud today of our club. The level 3’s had a morning of fun, cheering and great results. Placing in the gold and silver Bandings. The girls are improving in confidence and skill. Being able to be on the floor with them was an absolute joy for me 🤗None of this would be possible without Rebecca and Cal T. They are amazing assets to the club and also the sport as a whole.

The results of the Championships are as follows:

Bree Robards Level 5 Junior Hunter Champion  1st place
Sierra Harker  Level 6 Junior Hunter Champion 1st place
Mackenzie Weatherly  Level 6 2nd Place overall Hunter Champs
Bree McBride Level 6 4th Place Overall Hunter Champs
Kiara Priestland Level 6 5th Place Overall Hunter Champs
Kiralee Perace Level 7 6th Place Overall Hunter Champs
Kiara Priestland who competes in Level 6, is an intermediate coach and also a beginner judge was awarded the 2018 Sportsmanship award.

An early start with the level 4’s. So much improvement I am happy to report. Ainsley connecting her whole bar routine and smashing in a gold medal banding and Ruby a silver banding up from bronze at the trials. We are so proud of the girls and how they continue to achieve their goals in and out of the gym. Then in the PM we had the level 6 and 7’s and WOW! More great results. To say we are slightly over the moon is an understatement. Sierra awarded 2018 Level 6 Junior Hunter Champion. Another girl who comes in with a winning smile to every session regardless and she gives it her all, 💯 . Today she had a cold but still managed to achieve her goal of being Hunter Champion of her Level 🥇Mackenzie was Awarded 2nd overall Level 6 senior Hunter Champion. When Mack gets the fire 🔥 in her eyes she has the ability to achieve so much and she is a fierce competitor who has been with Kimnastix since she started gym 7 years ago. Both the girls having birthdays in the last couple of days. Happy birthday girls. We also had our ever humble Bree Mc placing 4th and Kiara placing 5th overall level 6 Senior Hunter Champions. Kiara also receiving the honour of Hunter Regions Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Sportsmanship Award for 2018. She shared this award with Advance Academy’s Claudia Martin. The sport as a whole and the region is a better place with these 2 girls mentoring the young ones in their clubs. The 2 Level 7’s representing the club in this competition, Kaylar and Kiralee also doing well as ‘club level pioneers’ they give us so much opportunity to learn and grow and learning is so much better with friends 🤗 both placing in apparatus and overall. Super proud of the 2 girls as they grow in confidence.

All our girls are amazing in one way or another. That’s what makes them so loveable ❤️ So we managed to take away 2 Hunter Champions, an overall 2nd Hunter Champion, a 4th and 5th Hunter Champion, various apparatus placings and gold and silver medal bandings and a sportsmanship award.It’s been a great weekend for our little club. Thank you to everyone who helps make these awesomely amazing/difficult and sometimes thankless events happen. Collectively we can do so much to inspire our youth. And they in turn become the leaders of tomorrow. Well done to the Hunter Region and to everyone involved 🥇


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