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Gymnastic NSW Annual Awards

Gymnastic NSW Annual Awards
Kimnastix is proud to have won Gymnastics for All Club of the Year 2018, out of 251 NSW clubs.
Last year we grew to include more recreational gym sports than ever and have participated in many events across the Gymnastics NSW event calendar. Taking us here there and everywhere.
This acheivement is an absolute credit to all of our amazing recreational coaches. Nancy Ollier, Joanna Ollier, Oceanne Molony, Bella Tomkins, Kara Woodley, Sarah Sheath, Tash Lynch, Ebony Cullen, Madison Horne, Lachlan Elliott, Josh Salmon, Kiara Priestland, Reynier Rodríguez, Mackenzie Jade and Kyle Smith. We acknowledge and appreciate their hard work.
We also ha2 2 staff members nominated for the following categories:
2018 Gymnastics For All Coach of The Year – Cal T Puntigam
2018 Kindergym Coach of The Year – Katherine Ryan
Congratulations to them both 😊🤸‍♂️

And to all involved both paid and volunteer, we thank you.

We are so proud of the amazing recreational programs we have at Kimnastix like our mornings under 5’s program or Kindergym, Parkour or Free G (which has taken off thanks to ninja warrior), Team Gym (combining gymnastics, mini tramp and dance which is suitable for all ages and abilities) and Performance Gymnastics (a combo of dance and floor gymnastics for the more experienced gymnast). We really have tried to offer something for everyone in 2018 and it’s nice to be recognised for all of our hard work. What goes on in here daily is nothing short of amazing. So grateful 🙏🌈
port their team mates and also to their families we can’t thank you enough for your continued support – we just ❤️ the sportsmanship in our club and so proud of how polished and professional all of our girls were this weekend you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

As always big thanks to their amazing coaches, we are truly blessed with a dedicated team at Kimnastix 🌈
Bring on State Clubs! 


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